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Tulamben, East Bali, is known to be one of the best dive spots in the world. From the famous USS Liberty wreck to the awesome muck diving sites excellent for macro photography, like Seraya, Kuanji, Melasti, Sidem, Batu Niti. And let's not forget Kubu wreck, Emerald and Drop off for nice wide angle photography. It's wonderful diving for beginners and for experienced photographers.

Most dives are beach dives in Tulamben, this means you can walk into the ocean from the beach. Don't worry, your guides will help you get in and out of the water safely!


We work with dive freelancers, so you can dive with whoever you want.

We recommend diving with Komang Agus, who is also managing Utama Villa. He can arrange everything for your dives: tanks air and nitrox, weights, transport, drinks. Born and raised in Tulamben and having worked as a dive guide for many years, he knows where to find all the great stuff underwater.

He is very knowledgeable about photography and creative lighting and will help you get the pictures you want to get!

For photographers there will be 1 dive guide for 2 divers maximum.

We have a lot of underwater photography "toys" in the villa like torches, background attributes, you are more than welcome to try them all out!

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